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You target WELL-BEING like you would any other muscle:

with determination and heart.

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Drive ability past fear.

I understand how physically, and above all, mentally challenging stepping in (or back) into a routine can be. Just know that your ability is stronger than your setbacks, your bad day at work, and whatever war you’re waging against yourself today. Push past fear and say yes to YOU— because this beautiful life is yours.

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  • Your Process.

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    • Choose your program, learn proper nutrition, and develop healthy habits

    • Gain strength, gain flexibility, gain peace of mind

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    Achieve the strength, flexibility, and peace of mind that you deserve.

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Go all in with the Vibe Tribe.

  • I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life. Between your workouts and introduction of intermittent fasting, I feel great. The front and back photos don't show much but the side photo....chest and flatter stomach. I dropped from 16%+ body fat to 13%+!

    Travis E.
  • I didn’t come into this challenge with weight loss in mind. I came into the challenge with strength in mind and not knowing what to expect. I am BLOWN AWAY! While my body weight has stayed pretty much the same my body composition has changed! I am feeling significantly stronger and will continue my journey.

    Pip M.
  • It was amazing! I lost 8 pounds! My goal was to get below 190 before the end of the challenge and I am 189!!!I still have so much to go, but you have given me the tools to move forward. Through the app workouts and the ability to change my outlook and motivate myself.

    Cati M.
  • Seeing progress is what inspires and motivates me. My biggest goal for this year is to continue constructing my best version with all the strategies that I learned in Demi’s 6-week challenge that changed my life. During this challenge, I learned that everything is about discipline, it is not necessary to restrict things, food, or activities you like, it is all about finding balance.

    Today I am in love with my body because I have learned that it will be the rest of my life with me and I need to love myself.

    Mariana P.
  • I officially made it to my goal weight!! I am so stoked!! I really don’t think I could’ve done it without you, the tribe, and all the love and support. Thank you!

Powerful workouts and good vibes for anyone, at any level.

  • What's inside

    Programs that celebrate YOU.

    Movement should be fun. My workout programs invite all ability levels to push for the positive outcomes they deserve—with no shortage of smiles along the way.

    Surprise yourself with powerful leg/booty days, strong upper body and core, and sweaty HIIT workouts.

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  • Your nourishment guide.

    What's inside

    Your nourishment guide.

    Well-being stems from within—and that’s where we start. We focus on the fuel that keeps healthy bodies, happy bodies. Rise above and beyond with personalized nutrition plans, and my favorite go-to recipes.

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  • What's inside

    Genuine coaching & community.

    I don’t do anything halfway—I’m all in for YOU. You can ask me questions directly, share your results with me, and tell me what content you want to see. We do this together, and I am by your side cheering you on the whole way through.

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  • Go beyond the expected.

    What's inside

    Go beyond the expected.

    To give your determination a little extra kick, you can work out with my custom Spotify playlists, join my exclusive community, and shop my favorite products.

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  • Exclusive Opportunities

    4-week home program

    • Short 15–25-minute workouts

    • Core, HIIT, and full body exercises

    • Body weight exercises – no equipment needed

    Go all in with:

  • Exclusive Opportunities

    Lower body workouts

    • Strengthen your legs and glutes

    • Guaranteed to make you sweat (but gives you results!)

    • Workouts for everyone, all fitness levels

  • Exclusive Opportunities

    30-Day Abs Challenge

    • Core-crushing workouts to build ab muscles

    • See a difference in your body and motivation in just 30 days

    • Quick and effective exercises

  • Exclusive Opportunities

    HIIT workouts

    • Strengthen your whole body with short, targeted workouts

    • No equipment or gym needed

    • Anyone can do this workout (even you, I promise)!

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  • Join Our Community

    Summer Shred 2023

    • 12 weeks of workouts guaranteed to help you lose weight, gain strength, and tone.

    • A bonus, 7-day, nutritionist-certified meal plan inspired by fresh, in-season ingredients to take the guesswork out of healthy eating.

    • A supportive community of others embarking on the same fitness journey through the Vibe Tribe.

    Are you ready to make your comeback this summer?! I've designed this program to help strip away fat and build lean muscle throughout a 12 week timeframe.

The positivity of the people.

Membership Opportunities

  • Genuine Motivation

    I post new workouts regularly so you can continue to push toward the positive outcomes that you deserve. With fun movement and good vibes only, you’ll never tire of your workout routine.

  • Easy-to-follow videos

    Remain confident in your ability with my easy-to-follow videos and straight forward instructions.

  • An all-in community

    We are here for the good vibes and each other. Go all the way and feel proud when you do. Join my community and share your fitness journey, stay accountable, and rise with others who cheer you on.

  • A guide to nourishment

    Food is the beautiful fuel of being. Learn what to eat, when to eat, what will push you hard, and why it pushes you. I even make it easy with available grocery lists so you can focus on growing your well-being.

  • Workout programs for YOU

    My programs invite all genders and fitness levels to push for a happy, healthy life.

  • I’m here for you.

    I’m all in. Message me directly in the app to ask me any questions you have and request your favorite content.

Hey what’s up? It’s Demi!

Thank you for taking the time to hit pause on your busy, beautiful lives (let’s be honest; we all need it) to learn a bit more about me and how my app will push you to reach for what’s yours and achieve the well-being you deserve.

I love a challenge, and my app does just that. Through my programs you will be challenged to listen to yourself and to discover what YOU need through innovative workouts, techniques, and nutritional advice. Like I said, I don’t do anything halfway. I will share with you all things motivational (determination is half the battle) and positive and display my genuine love for movement and everything fitness related.

In my app you will discover transformational programs to follow day-by-day, or to complete anytime you want—it’s your life. I prioritize connection and going beyond the expected. I connect with relevant industry leaders to chat about health, wellness, fitness and sports—and share these experiences with you. Fresh and authentic content will challenge and encourage your happy movement—because who likes to be bored!

I’m thrilled to train with you and to share more workouts, MORE GAINS, and more fun. Now let’s do this! And, as always, let’s see some smiles.

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Past Challenge Champions

  • Won a trip to Arizona to hangout with Demi at Radford Racing School and learn how to drag race

    I have no idea how to fit so much emotion into such a small space but here I go. I could honestly write an essay on how amazing my experience during the challenge was, how I felt receiving a phone call from Demi that I won, and being in Arizona at Radford Racing School. It felt just like a group of friends hanging out.

    The Abs Challenge was amazing. It had difficult exercises that could be easily modified so no matter your fitness level, it would lead you to get amazing results! This challenge included a goal-setting guide that helped set me up for success as I came from just beginning my fitness journey. I am so grateful to have been chosen as the winner. As for the prize, there are not enough words to explain how unforgettable the experience was. Demi Bagby is one of the purest & kindest individuals I have met in my entire life and that's the girl I spent the entire time with! Drag racing, slalom races, burnouts, and more!


    The challenge also meant becoming part of the #VibeTribe A group full of people who will help push and motivate you no matter where in the world you are.

    Daniel B.
  • Won a trip to San Diego to hangout with Demi and attend her Powerfully Positive Event

    I am so grateful for Demi’s app and challenges! Participating in Demi’s challenges has been an amazing experience physically, mentally, and socially. Her workouts include fun exercises, some of which I have never tried before but continued to incorporate in my workouts since the challenge. They are relatively short workouts that are easy to fit into my schedule, even on my busiest days as a PhD student. There are also some great, healthy recipes on her app. Not only did the challenge improve my physical health, but it helped with my mental health as well. The daily journal entries and emphasis on positivity really helped improve my mindset. Arguably the best thing that I gained out of the challenges was the community. The Vibe Tribe is a great group of supportive people, and I have gained genuine friendships that still last to this day, about a year beyond the challenge.

    I am so honored to have won the Powerfully Positive New Year challenge and have had the wonderful ​​opportunity to travel to San Diego to spend time with Demi, her fantastic team, and many other amazing women at Demi’s powerfully positive event, which included a short workout led by Demi. I got to spend time exploring Pacific Beach with Demi and witness first-hand how she genuinely spreads so much kindness and joy to all those around her. It was a very inspiring experience.

    Nicole Z.
  • Won a trip to Florida to hangout with Demi, watch the Stuart Air Show, and fly in a Red Bull Helicopter

    In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the negatives and focus on everything you have to do - rather than being grateful for the relationships and connections you have and being present in the moment. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Powerfully Positive Challenge with Demi Bagby came at exactly the right time for me. I’ve always been a positive, happy person smiling from ear to ear, but something had dimmed my light... then I started doing the daily journaling and fitness challenges, I found the Vibe Tribe, and immediately started noticing my demeanor changing for the better. In addition to some epic workouts that left me feeling some type of sore and strong ... I was having an amazing time just connecting with other positive people and shining my light extra bright alongside theirs. As the challenge winner, I got the chance to meet up with Demi in Florida at an air show, and we got to do some ALPHA crazy stuff and we were flying HIGH. Literally AND figuratively, as I got to pull some G’s in the RedBull helicopter as a finale to an epic weekend with my new bestie Demi! Absolutely amazing challenge from start to finish. I couldn’t say enough great things about this experience.

    Shaun P.
Go all-in with the Vibe Tribe.

Go all-in with the Vibe Tribe.

The Vibe Tribe IS THE VIBE. One of the most common restraints to a successful routine is lack of accountability and motivation. The Vibe Tribe inspires you, challenges you, and above all, supports you, the whole way through. Picture a group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the achievement of their fitness goals and discovery of their true selves, SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. With a force like that, it’s nearly impossible to lose track of what you deserve.

We believe in the power of ability, motivation, and accountability. We’re committed to our tribe and love to see them reach their full potential. With epic challenges, workouts, and group calls, we are constantly engaged and connected through friendships that are built to last.

Join the Vibe Tribe!

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Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive offers, tips, tricks, and GOOD vibes.

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