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NEW HOME Program

HOME is a 4 week home workout program designed for all fitness levels both male and female! Each week contains five unique body weight workouts that will help build muscle and tone your body. With the perfect leg/booty days, targeted upper body & core days, and sweaty HIIT workouts this is the most effective at home workout that will get you feeling AMAZING!

Price: $19.99


Gym Program

GYM is a 12 week gym based program that will get you to your ultimate! This program is designed for both men and women of all fitness levels. With the combination of strength, performance, and functional designed programming, not only will you build a great physique, you’ll also finish the program feeling stronger than ever both physically and mentally!

Price: $29.99

Move Course

MOVE is a calisthenics tutorial based program that will help teach you all of Demi’s favorite moves! From superman pushups to soon to be backflips, these calisthenics tutorials will keep you moving and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone!

The MOVE course is included with the purchase of either workout program HOME or GYM!

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